About us

This Is
Our Story

Blucleen is a well established contract cleaning company in Tshwane, Gauteng, South Africa. We provide corporate, commercial, government and domestic cleaning, hygiene and landscaping. We provide our services to local businesses, government and residential customers in Gauteng. We provide a door to door cleaning service, with work undertaken at the customer’s convenience ensuring high quality workmanship. Services are tailor-made according to customers’ needs, whether it be a single service or multiple services, with the aim of ensuring service excellence to our valued customers.

With a combination of our modern top of the range equipment and our friendly, professional and highly skilled personnel, we guarantee to deliver services of the highest quality that will meet our customers’ requirements. Blucleen is committed to empowering individuals from disadvantaged communities not only by the way of employment, but also through continuous training within the company to enable them to grow with the company.


Where we want to be

Blucleen will strive not only to become a formidable provider of cleaning services to corporate, government and domestic organisations but also to create employment in disadvantaged communities throughout South Africa.


What we aim to achieve

Blucleen strives to serve the community with the best service at a fair price. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality workmanship, executing custom work exactly in accordance with the customer’s concept.


These are strategic aspirations we use to define our positive corporate culture and customer service 

  • To provide service of the highest quality and standard
  • To exercise professionalism at all times
  • To maintain lasting relationships with our customers
  • To create employment in disadvantaged communities
  • To provide continuous training to our staff to ensure high quality service to our customers at all times