The Benefit Of
The Environment

Blucleen utilises biodegrable eco-friendly chemicals. Our products guarantee a healthier environment while being safe for humans and animals. The eco-friendly products we use are of extreme high performance and surpasses harsh chemicals. These products are derived from South African soil cultures for a natural home ground performance advantage – they metabolise waste faster, reproduce quicker and survive longer. Our customers will have peace of mind knowing that their environment, their health and their pets’ health are protected and safe from harsh chemicals.

You Can Rely On Our

Safe and Dependable
Cleaning Formula

We use cutting edge products that revolutionise green cleaning with organinc compounds consisting of enzymes and microbes that eat away at oily grime and turn them into water without the use of harmful toxins. Our cleaning formula is safe and dependable, delivering the best in hygiene results. Blucleen is committed to the environment, by using chemicals that are environmentally friendly and safe. These chemicals provide for a bacteria free and cleaner working environment.