Quality Control

For Continued Excellence, We Regularly Conduct

Quality inspections at
customer premises.

At Blucleen we are committed to ensuring that the processes we follow deliver high quality results for our customers and the industry in general.

Quality inspections are conducted regularly at customer premises after work completed to ensure high quality workmanship and professionalism are delivered at all times.

We acquire our equipment and detergents from reputable manufacturers who assure us that through their own quality control, their products are of the highest quality.

We are registered with the NATIONAL CONTRACT CLEANERS ASSOCIATION to make sure we comply with the cleaning industry standards, which means Blucleen will always deliver a cleaning service approved by the NCCA to give our customers peace of mind in knowing they are receiving quality service and their properties are well protected.

We always make sure to keep up with the industry trends and exploit areas of improvement that will be beneficial to our customers.